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Posted by Ms. Amy B. on Apr 14th, 2017 1:38pm

What an exciting start to 2017! The staff, board of trustees, committees, and other volunteers have really hit the ground running with meeting many of our strategic objectives. I’ve just returned from the April board of trustees meeting, where we continued to focus on maintaining this level of energy and momentum. Our strategic objectives all lead to member value and with that, I have many exciting updates to share with you, our membership.


Thanks to your participation, we received a 16 percent response rate to the recent learning survey!  This will allow the association to draw statistically significant conclusions from the survey data.  The board received a sneak peek at the results, which will inform our upcoming discussions at our stakeholders meeting in June.  While the education committee continues to lead this work to develop the associations’ education strategy, they are also implementing short-term wins, such as the 2017 conference speaker’s guide that will be available shortly.  

Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking Survey

This summer we will launch improvements to our customer satisfaction benchmarking survey to measure and demonstrate dining services’ value to our campuses.  New questions will measure how important a student’s perceived campus dining experience is to their decision to attend, their decision to remain, and their academic success.  The survey is also being improved to be more mobile friendly so students can complete the satisfaction survey on their mobile devices. 


Recently, the marketing committee came together to discuss the board-assigned charge of creating a One NACUFS e-newsletter plan. Going forward, regional news will be included in the NACUFS e-newsletter every Wednesday to members. The new format of the e-newsletter will showcase not only institution member news, but also individual member updates. This will be a great way for institutions to share best practices and our support of students across the country! The One NACUFS e-newsletter will be developed and roll out in June, prior to the 2017 national conference.

Membership Growth

Hats off to our membership committee, regional directors, and staff for their work in adding 30 new members to date this year! Your connections, your stories, and the NACUFS network is helping us grow!

Regional Conferences

Congratulations to every volunteer team who delivered our six regional conferences this year.  Our host schools and our regional councils stepped up to provide quality educational experiences.  Likewise, this year we promised and delivered significant staff support to our volunteers by bringing in-house all finances and registrations, as well providing on-site conference support.  

Completion of New Manuals

The board completed its governance work on policies and procedures. The P&P manual no longer exists.  In its place, we now have an approved policy manual that will guide the organization with policy parameters. In place of procedures, we now have the following tools that staff will manage and keep up to date—an operations procedures manual, a finance manual, and a regional operations manual. 

The significance of this action is that now the board will be able to remain at a strategic level looking toward the future vision of our profession while staff manages the day to day operations of the organization.

Council of Past Presidents

As we continue our strategic transformation towards building an organization for the next generation of leaders, the board of trustees has reached a decision regarding the council of past presidents. The board of trustees determined that there is no longer a standing need for a formalized council of past presidents to advise the board on a regular basis. Therefore, the board of trustees voted to disband the council of past presidents.  

To arrive at this decision, the transformation task force secured input from stakeholder groups including the board of trustees and current members of the council. There was no evidence that what the council provides fits into the current association strategic priorities or the new governance structure. There was also consensus that historical perspective is valued from all members, and does not need assignment to a specific body.

The true purpose of the past presidents is to be “story tellers” to the next generation of members first and a historical resource second.  Both of these are achievable by remaining actively involved in the association alongside our membership.

Industry Advisory Council

The board also decided to transition the industry advisory council to an industry task force in keeping with the bylaws nomenclature.  Evidence supported the conclusion that industry plays a critical role within NACUFS and there is a standing need for this input.  The scope and charge for this task force will be defined shortly.

There is much to be excited about as we continue to grow and achieve our goals and strategic objectives. NACUFS remains focused on member value while maintaining a high level of energy and momentum as we move forward in 2017. After being part of an inspiring and visionary board meeting, I am excited for the progress we have made and for our next steps! Stay tuned for more information! 

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Amy, thank you for keeping the membership updated. Tim

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