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Posted by Ms. Amy B. on Feb 1st, 2017 3:36pm

I hope this year is off to an amazing start for all of you. NACUFS has a couple of major updates to share as we jump start 2017, continuing to focus on our 5-year strategic plan objectives. 

Education Update:

I am delighted to report that NACUFS is making great progress on this year’s major strategic initiative to develop a comprehensive education strategy. Why do we need a strategy? First and foremost, we know that the world around us is changing at an unprecedented and exponential rate. Having just returned from the 2017 foodservice directors symposium—where we discussed higher education trends at length—I do know one thing for certain: the knowledge and skills you and your staff will need in the future will be different than they are today. How do we prepare ourselves and our staff to meet this future?

The education committee, chaired by Kory Samuels (RIT), is working with a newly hired education consultant and leading the charge to engage you in defining the future of NACUFS education. NACUFS will be conducting a learning survey shortly. You will have an opportunity to take the first step to help the education committee frame the future of education for all of our members!

We will be asking you a lot of questions. Who are our learners? What are your learning needs and preferences? How do we “value” education? What would it look like if virtual/online learning connected with a diverse audience across the United States, Canada, and abroad? Stay tuned for more information.

Building Update

We have officially closed on our purchase of a new building in East Lansing. This beautiful 10,000 square foot brick building is only ten years old and resides in a quiet office park with favorable highway and airport access. Using funds set aside by the NACUFS board several years ago, the building was purchased for less than 80% of its appraised value and will save the association several thousand dollars annually. The building favorably passed inspections and environmental surveys enabling NACUFS to reside in a quality, permanent home after 60 years. With limited cosmetic changes to the interior, the headquarters move should take place by late Spring. 


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Wow, thanks for an amazing update. So pleased and excited to hear about NACUFS new home and permanent digs! Lot's of progress happening. Thank you! Tim D

Thank you for sharing our excitement! We are making strong progress indeed, and I will continue to provide updates in my next blog - stay tuned!

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