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Posted by Mrs. Patricia Lee K. on May 2nd, 2018 3:06pm

As I return from whirlwind travels to all our regional conferences and the spring NACUFS board meeting, I’m energized by the member dialogue and engagement around pertinent topics of learning and vision.  I’m similarly empowered by the high quality of work the board of trustees is engaged in.  As the board focuses our attention on setting organizational direction and vision for the future, we are embracing and growing into our role as a high-performance board.  As we do our work, our committees and task forces can work at very strategic levels producing valuable resources for our members like these. 

To support you in your daily work, we continue to engage our members in dialogue around new initiatives.  We recently received quality member input at our regional conferences regarding one of our major initiatives, development of our body of knowledge.

 A body of knowledge is the identified sum of what a professional needs to know and be able to do in order to be successful, arranged by functions of the field and the job tasks required for each function. Many of our peer professional associations have comparable bodies of knowledge to define their professions.  Our members are developing this tool to guide all our professional development initiatives and help you equip your team for tomorrow’s environment.  We will share updates at our national conference and continue to seek your input as we build this valuable tool. 

Another major initiative is boosting the quality of learning for all event attendees.  To do so, early next week NACUFS will launch a number of tools to enhance speaker presentations.  These tools will also help our employees build their presentation skills on campus.  A Speakers Guide will provide a valuable starting point for understanding adult learners, organizing content, developing effective materials, preparing handouts, and delivering effective presentations.  Videos will reinforce content in the Speakers Guide with quick access to information and tools for presentation success including:

  1. How Adults Learn and Why
  2. Writing Effective Learning Objectives
  3. Developing Your Session Plan
  4. The Power of Visuals: Slides

I look forward to seeing you all at national conference and continuing this dialogue focused on our future.


Patti Klos, President


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